1. Sad... sad... news... the domain that I am currently using is being changed to paid services only, So I will no longer use this server. (oh... this server was very good) However, from March 28th, the performances will not be good as it was. The address will NOT change however and there will not be much of differences for visitors but there will be another banner (2 in total). If you know a good domain where I can get one for free, please notify me through any of the ways in the contact page. Thank You!

  2. Grumpy's SSARC forums have been added. Click here to get there, but when you do go there, you will be going out of the Grumpy's Screenshot ARC page and entering the forums.

  3. More stuff at the downloads section!

  4. The new layout has been finished and uploaded. (the one you are looking at)

  5. A new section has been added which is the Links section, click the link the check it out.

  6. The webmaster/owner/Grumpy can now be online more often to talk to people through the "humanclick".

  7. More have been added in the FAQ's

  8. Simplified in the Contact section

  9. New stuff on downloads will be out soon. (hope so)

  10. More smileys are made. hehe

Its basically a chat with operator when he is online